Women’s insecurity, do men understand

Women’s insecurity, do men understand

When his husband or boyfriend shows concern for another woman, his wife is easy to murmur, and even “jealous” makes the dogs restless.

In fact, this is because men and women have different ideas about this issue.

Women are accustomed to seeing themselves as weak. It is good for men to take care of her one by one. They do not want to share the love and concern of men with other women, and eventually worry that men will abandon her.

  However, men are another idea.

Generally, a kind and righteous man always thinks that taking care of a woman is a matter of righteousness. If the other party cannot stand idly by, he should show a manly spirit, which is more due to the morality of the rivers and lakes.

When the wife wants to understand this, you can avoid writing scripts in your head, and you will be so frustrated that you really push the man out of the house. You do n’t know what happened!

  Of course, men also have to try to understand: a woman’s “jealous vigor” is caused by a sense of insecurity, which seems to be unreasonable, but in fact, being subconsciously abandoned, may endanger the interests of marriage, she must be concerned about menOther women think that imaginary enemies can react like thorns on their backs.

  In terms of emotional relationships, “women oppressing women” is much more complicated than men’s friendships. The reason is that women’s traditional dependent roles are far more than men’s. Of course, they can’t withstand changes and become more neurotic.

This is why we need to learn to understand another gender, not exactly because both of them are in their own thinking: women desperately want to find a sense of security from men, but men want to have a sense of responsibility,”Image gender, so once the conflict of emotional interests occurs, two people or even three parties are often surrounded by distress!

  Generally speaking, everyone’s emotional interests need to be clearly understood, or else the interests of others will be impacted accidentally, so three or even four of them will jump.

Men try to understand that behind many of the “naive” behaviors or “irrational” thinking of women, it is because of insecurity, rather than simply looking for children, that they naturally know how to deal with their changes and neuroticism.