[Effect and effect of Songling Coix Seed Powder]_Benefits_Benefits

[Effect and effect of Songling Coix Seed Powder]_Benefits_Benefits

Many people always pay more attention to Songling Coix Kernel Powder in daily life. In fact, it is worth promoting and it is worthy of everyone’s special understanding. The main function of Songling Coix Kernel Powder is to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,It can lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, promote metabolism, including the effect of skin beauty and beauty, and also prevent the phenomenon of cancer. It can also solve the problem of many people with poor stomach and inconvenient medicine.

Main effect 1.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: If you consume 50-100 grams of barley kernel powder daily, you can reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides, thereby preventing hyperlipidemia, hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease and hypertension.


Lowering blood lipids: Because coix kernel powder is rich in dietary fiber, bile salts can be absorbed (responsible for digesting feces), which makes the absorption rate of feces in the body worse, which reduces blood traces and blood sugar.


Promote metabolism: Coix seed powder can promote the metabolism of blood and water in the body, diuretic, deedema and other effects, can help defecation, so it can help reduce weight.


Whitening skin: Coix kernel powder can help eliminate spots and make skin fairer earlier due to protein supplementation. If accumulated for a long time, it can also moisturize the skin.


Prevention and resistance to cancer: Modern science has confirmed that the fat contained in coix seed powder can prevent vitamin growth and harm.

Pharmacology (1) Antipyretic, sedative, and analgesic effects Coix kernel powder contains arsenin, which has a better antipyretic effect on the fever caused by bacterial composite fibers; it has a weaker central inhibitory effect and a sedative effect on rats; The intensity of analgesic effect on rats is similar to that of aminopyrine.

(B) the role of reducing muscle contraction Coix kernel powder Coix kernel oil on striated muscles and motor nerve endings of frog, low concentration showed excitatory effect, high concentration showed paralysis effect.

Saturated fatty acids in kernel oil can prevent or reduce the contraction of striated muscle, reduce muscle contraction and shorten the fatigue curve.

Its point of action is not in the nerve, but in the muscle.