Whitening tips: these seven kinds of water become more and more white

Whitening tips: these seven kinds of water become more and more white

Washing your face is one of the things we do every day. Many times we only notice the use of cleansing products but forget about water. It is very important to teach you to wash your face with these seven kinds of water, so that you can wash out the white baby muscle.

  First, steam water wash the face steam to expand the skin pores, eliminate the dirt accumulated in the pores, at the same time, supplement the water needed for cell metabolism, so that dry, rough skin becomes tender.

  Method: 1. First wash the face with neutral soap, then pour hot water at 80 ℃ -90 ℃ in the basin, and keep the face parallel at 5-10 cm from the water surface.

  2. After lasting for about 10 minutes, wash the face with water at about 40 ° C, then wipe it with a towel soaked in cold water to shrink the skin pores.

  Those with dry skin should do it once a week, and those with oily skin should do it once every other day.

  Second, the hydrogen peroxide washing face contains high concentration of oxygen and has a strong ability to penetrate cells. It not only has a good effect of removing dirt, but also directly supplies the oxygen secreted by the skin, which is conducive to enhancing the activity of epidermal cells.Skin whitening effect.

  Method: After washing the face, use a clean handkerchief or towel dipped in 30% hydrogen peroxide and apply it on the face for 3-5 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day for 7-10 days, the effect will be very good.

  Third, wash your face with Taomi Shui Wash your face with Taomi Shui is the most convenient and easiest whitening method.

Because white rice contains “vitamins” and “minerals” that can degrade water, it will remain in the rice washing water, which is good for the skin.

  Method: Wash your face directly with Taomi water.

  This method is suitable for people who have delicate skin.

Oily skin has large pores. This method is not ideal.

  4. When the boiled water is cooled to 20 ℃ -25 ℃ naturally, the gas dissolved in it is reduced by about one-half compared with before boiling, the water quality also changes, the cohesion increases, and the molecules are closer together.The surface tension is strengthened.

  This water quality is very close to the moisture inside the skin cells, so it is easier to penetrate into the skin, making the skin more delicate, rosy, and shiny.

  Fifth, baking soda, also called sodium bicarbonate, is weakly alkaline and can neutralize the acidic substances on the surface of the skin. The carbon dioxide released after water solubility can penetrate and merge the pores and cuticles of the skin, and promote blood circulation in the skin.Energize cell metabolism.

  Method: The ratio of baking soda to water was 1: 5000, that is, 1 g of baking soda was dissolved with 5000 ml of water.

  After washing the face with this formula, the capillaries will be dilated and the skin will be shiny, ruddy and elastic.

  Sixth, the white vinegar water washing face vinegar alternately is a good seasoning, but also has a good whitening effect.

  Method: Wash your face with vinegar water (the ratio of vinegar to water is 1: 3), mainly use acetic acid to exfoliate the skin, so that new skin appears.

  This method is best used once a week and cannot be reused, because alternating exfoliation will make the skin thinner and thinner, and skin resistance will weaken, and sensitive skin should be used with caution.

  Seven, salt washing face salt can brighten the complexion, washing face with salt has a good cleaning and decontamination effect.

  Method: 1. Mix 3 to 5 drops of water with a small spoonful of fine salt and gently stir it with your fingers.

  2. Gently massage the whole body from top to bottom for a few minutes, until the salt particles at both ends become white powder, and then wash with warm water.

  This method of physical exfoliation is very good, but because the salt is granular, acne and sensitive muscles can easily be injured and stimulated, so use it with caution.

  The above seven kinds of water can make you wash more and more beautiful. If you do n’t believe it, try it.