Yoga exercises to slender your arms

Yoga exercises to slender your arms

Computers have become essential equipment for modern work.

However, more and more computer users, especially office workers, have long-term operation of the keyboard and mouse, the wrists and fingers often perform repetitive movements, causing wrist numbness or wrist joint distortion, shoulder pain and many other complications.

To prevent arm diseases caused by computer work, in addition to maintaining the correct posture of using the computer, you can also do some simple yoga postures every few hours, twist the wrists, fingers and arms, and relieve the paralysis and discomfort caused by the arms.In the case of muscle weakness, the following yoga moves are instructed by the instructor. The results are good.

Hurry up and try to put it: Action 1, put your hand on the back end, with your shoulder as the center, and draw a circle in the air from front to back.

  2. Inhale when in the upper semicircle and exhale when in the lower semicircle.

3-6 times in a row.

  3. Draw a circle in the opposite direction for 3-6 consecutive times.

  The sexy of a woman is by no means the right of the front chest or hind hips.

When you put on a sleeveless spring shirt and stretch out a pair of slender arms, the woman’s tenderness will also sway with it . The beauty arm fat-reducing therapy massage and care for the hypertrophy of the skin is not easy to eliminate.

This stubborn subcutaneous adult must be improved by massage and muscle training.

Slim and evenly weighed carbon dioxide starts with basic massage, resets abnormal cells, secretes hormones, and promotes softening of the subcutaneous aunt.

  Main technique: Knead, twist.

  1. After applying the lotion on the rubbing care, use five fingers to hold the rubbing firmly under the skin.

Around the elbows, this massage must be performed in a centralized manner, with the front side of the alternating arms firm and smooth.

  2. The kneading massage mainly uses the abdomen of the fingers to grasp the aunt under the skin.

Starting from the top of the arm, the outer centerline makes this a slightly painful force.

Keep going rhythmically.

  3. Catch-type massage carefully capture the place where you have a lot of aunt, and rub it with your thumb.

This is a strong massage method.

Ideal for thicker areas such as the arm.

  4. Twist-type massage Use the fingers to apply pressure, grab the thick subcutaneous aunt, and perform twist-type massage.

Take a short break after each move, then repeat it again.

This is an effective massage to reduce aunt’s hypertrophy.

  Course of treatment: The whole course of treatment is done 20 times, twice a week.

  Action two 1. Raise the right arm straight arm, hold the right elbow with your left hand, inhale, and squeeze upwards.

  2. Exhale, arm backward radial, inhale, return to normal.

  3. Breathe naturally, bend your right elbow into the back of your head, and your right hand will naturally fall on the scapula.

  4. Play once in the opposite direction. Left and right are one round, two to three rounds in total.

  Action 3: 1, stand upright, focus on gluteal muscles.

  2. Inhale, turn right, turn your right hand to the left waist, insert your left hand on your right shoulder.

  3. Exhale, continue to turn around, face back, and breathe smoothly for 6-8 seconds.

Left and right are one round, a total of two inches or more. As long as you keep practicing, you will slender arms, tighten hip muscles, soft and flexible shoulder joints, prevent periarthritis, and make you relaxed and confident!