Teach you 5 effective skin care first aids


Teach you 5 effective skin care first aids

Guide: Skin care is a process that is accumulated by one after another. These small wisdoms cover all aspects of beauty, allowing you to face various skin problems more easily.

The 5 tips I want to introduce today can be used for first aid. You don’t need to buy those products deliberately. They are extremely common. When you encounter these 5 small but ubiquitous skin problems, you can calmly cope!

  1. Transparent nail polish to avoid nickel allergies. Putting on your favorite jeans has caused allergies?


Jeanine Downie has a tip. Applying clear nail polish on the back of jeans buttons can prevent infection.


Because people are allergic to nickel, most buttons are made of nickel.

  2. Vaseline added to the ring as a soothing agent and washing your hands may cause soap and metal to react and cause skin irritation.

A quick solution is to apply vaseline to the infected area, but if you want to solve this problem completely, the doctor tells you: Remove the ring when washing your hands!

  3, shampoo as makeup remover This is only an expedient measure, it is only used for emergency when you suddenly run out of makeup remover.

Children’s shampoo can remove the skin’s light makeup after applying the water, and it will not irritate the eyes.

  4. Conditioner as shaving cream You or your BF may forget to buy shaving cream, but do n’t worry, you should have a conditioner. The moisturizing oil contained in it can make the skin smooth and avoidIrritation caused by a razor across the skin.

In addition to conditioner, can shower gel also be used as an emergency?

  5, toothpaste treatment of acne the night before an important moment, if you find that you have serious acne and you do not have time to run a pharmacy to buy an acne conditioning lotion.

Don’t worry, the first aid kit is at hand.

First, wash your face with a neutral cleansing product and pat it dry with a towel. Then, rub some toothpaste on the acne area and wait for it to dry; the next morning the toothpaste will suck out the dirty things.

Remember, only ordinary toothpastes with low fluoride content can be used to remove acne. Whitening toothpaste is not recommended because it contains too much oxide to irritate the skin.

Gel-like toothpaste is not particularly effective, the most common and oldest green toothpaste is the most effective.

However, the doctor also reminded that this method is not suitable for everyone, dry and sensitive skin is best not to use.