Are you a master of network management?

Are you a master of network management?

I suggest that you first carefully compare this list to reverse your myths about connections and see if you belong to the “iron-tooth type”, “soft foot type”, “bluff type”, and “full destruction type”Which type of people are based on these 4 different types, refer to the 8 elite developers interviewed by “Cheers” magazine. They not only share their own methods and processes of managing contacts, but also provide private house recommendations to let you go in the right direction.Find your network entry.

  1, good connections = climbing relationships, I do not do this kind of thing.

  2. I do n’t ask for anything. How do I need contacts on my own?

  3. I can’t finish my work. How can I have time to build contacts?

  4. It’s okay to work hard to strengthen our profession now, and to build contacts is a future thing.

  * The above is classified as iron tooth type. * 5, I am thin-skinned and afraid of being rejected. It is too difficult to build a network.

  6. I only listen to other people’s speeches. How can I build a network?

  7, life = office + my home, where to go to build contacts?

  8. I just want to sleep on the weekends, not to mention my contacts, I ‘m even lazy when I go out!

  * The above is classified as soft-foot type. * 9. People are connected = good to do things, I can do things best!

  10, someone is connected, promotion is like taking an elevator, no connection, promotion is like climbing stairs!

  11. People should be filtered. People who do not use value do not waste time!

  12, I know a lot of big bosses, and my contacts are so good!

  * The above is categorized as bluffing type. * 13, friends are in trouble, two ribs intersect, I use blood and tears to exchange contacts.

  14. Others are hiding from me, and there is a big crisis in their connections.

  15. Every time I make a request, the sea sinks, the connections are really unreliable!

  * The above is categorized as total extinction type. * Please see the next page for quick answers. Are you a master of network management?

  Iron-toothed Iron-toothed you usually have the ability to work and have your own set of things, but don’t forget, this is an era of teamwork, solo fighting alone can neither expand the size nor last, so it is timelyShare your experience or help others, you will get unexpected gains!

  Soft-footed You are more introverted and uncommunicative, but running a network does not require you to be a butterfly. In fact, you can start by being a good listener and build trust in you.Time, you can also participate in community activities related to your hobbies, such as mountaineering agencies, tour groups, art gallery volunteers, etc., to increase the chance to meet friends, but has a subtle effect on your personality!

  The rotten type is a bluff type. It is best to put down your body and run your own professional strength down to earth. You can go far and steady. Don’t calculate the use value of people all day. This utilitarian mentality is really easy to hate!
Do n’t forget, if you use someone once, people will not only remember to tell others, even if you know as many people as possible, people will sneer at mentioning your name. Such a bad connection is better than not.

  The type of total extinction belongs to the type of total extinction. Basically, your contacts have already turned on a red light. If you use the wrong concept to run your contacts, you will not only endanger your work, sweep the credit, and may even violate the company’s regulations or violate the law.Brake, review your definition of connections, find the entrance to your connections with the right attitude, and start again!