Cling film to lose weight is unscientific

Cling film to lose weight is unscientific

A few days ago, reporters interviewed in some fitness centers and found that many ladies held plastic wrap around their bodies before fitness.

According to a veteran, wrapping a few more layers on the part you want to lose weight all the way up to airtight, and then vigorously exercise on the aerobics room or treadmill, can achieve the effect of weight loss.

  In progress, Huang Guangming, director of the Institute of Sports Medicine of the State General Administration of Sport, pointed out that this weight loss recipe is not scientific and cannot fundamentally lose weight.

Because the limbs are covered with plastic wrap, the surface heat is affected, the local temperature is increased, perspiration is increased, and the moisture of local microcells and other tissue cells is temporarily infiltrated without increasing micro consumption.

After drinking water, these cells returned to their original state.

In addition, the initial results will increase the loss of electrolytes, easily lead to fatigue and adverse health.

Wrap the body with plastic wrap for a long time, so that the skin cannot dissipate heat and make sweat accumulate locally, which easily causes skin diseases such as eczema and folliculitis.

Coupled with the fact that the plastic wrap is a chemical, it can easily cause skin allergies and cause other potential harm to the body.