[Can peach and tea be eaten together]_ diet taboo _ diet conditioning

[Can peach and tea be eaten together]_ diet taboo _ diet conditioning

Peaches are available in large quantities in the summer and are rich in vitamins and trace elements. Tea has a long history and culture and is very popular.

But can these two things that are good for the human body be eaten together?

In fact, many people don’t understand that peach is a fruit and tea is a drink. There is no conflict between the two. If you think so, you are totally wrong.

Peach and tea can never be eaten together, and there may be other diseases.

First, can you eat peaches after drinking tea? If you can’t drink tea, it can easily cause gastrointestinal disorders.

In addition, the following five types of people are not suitable to eat peaches: 1. Usually, the internal heat is too high, and those who are prone to scabs are peachy and warm, and overheating is too hot.

For people who are already on fire, eating more peaches is tantamount to “putting oil on fire.”

2. The sugar content of peaches in diabetics is high, 7 grams of sugar per 100 grams of peaches. If diabetics eat excessively without restraint, it will cause blood sugar and urine sugar to rise rapidly and worsen the condition.

3, peaches with weak gastrointestinal function contain a large amount of macromolecular substances, eating peaches will increase gastrointestinal burden, causing abdominal pain and diarrhea, so it is not suitable to eat.

4, infants and pregnant women and infants have poor gastrointestinal function, can not digest a large number of macromolecular substances in peaches, it is easy to cause allergic reactions.

Pregnant women eating too much peach can generate heat, causing miscarriage and bleeding.

6. Some people who are allergic to allergies will have allergies when eating peach. At the beginning, the symptoms are mild, such as redness of the mouth, peeling, and itching. At this time, you should stop eating and wash your face and hands.

If the symptoms are severe, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Second, the efficacy and role of peaches Peach juice is delicious, seductive, bright in color and rich in nutrition.

Sugar per 100g of pulp?
15g, organic acids 0.


9g, protein 0.

90 grams, aunt 0.


5g with Vitamin C3?
5mg, vitamin B10.


02mg, vitamin B20.

2mg, carotenoids 1180mg.

Peach has a good taste. It can emit a pleasant scent, and it contains relatively rich nutrients. It has a beneficial effect on the body and prolongs life.

Peach also has medicinal value.

The Tang Dynasty pharmacologist Sun Simiao called it the “fruit of the lungs” and also said that “lung disease should be eaten.”

According to Chinese medicine, the lungs are called “dirty”, and they like to be humid and dry.

Peach formaldehyde gum can absorb a large amount of water into the large intestine and can prevent constipation.

The nutrition of peaches is better off the skin. According to “Bright Herbal Medicine”, the peaches are dried into dried (preserved peaches) and taken regularly, which can make the skin more beautiful.

It is just that the sugar content of dried peaches is too high. It is better to use boiled water with a small amount of green tea or herbal tea to improve the flavor.

It may be that fresh peaches are extremely intolerant to storage after they have been planted and should be eaten fresh.

Wash peach hair before eating, so as not to pierce the skin and cause a rash; or inhale into the respiratory tract and cause symptoms such as cough and throat itching.