Why are rich people picking?

Why are rich people picking?

Paul Peafor, a social psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley, found that wealthy people are usually self-centered, relatively timid and prone to breaking the law, while less wealthy people are more considerate and generous and law-abiding.

  The researchers used the sidewalk in Los Angeles as an experimental scene. After one afternoon observation, they found that no one of the drivers of the cheap car violated the rules, and nearly half of the drivers of the most expensive cars violated the rules.

  After that, the researchers convened more than 100 pairs of strangers to the laboratory to do research, and tossed a coin to allocate one party to play the role of a rich man, who then manipulated the monopoly game.

  Experimental results show that among these people, relatively wealthy participants may use improper means to make profits for themselves, vulgar behavior and weak intentions to help others.

  Pifford believes that wealth does not make people happy, but makes them more aware of their interests, desires, and happiness; wealth replaces them psychologically and materially with others, and they will consider their needs and goals as the most important, Perspective on the needs of others.

  Researchers analyze: the rich consider themselves rich and ignore others’ feelings; the poor rely on social relationships to live, so they value interpersonal relationships; the rich can buy peace, tranquility and living space, and think that using money can solve most problems,No one else in the eyes.